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We offer great many properties for sale on the sea at prices that will suit all buyers and tenants. Seaside properties are suitable for those who prefer the sea breeze, the sound of the waves and the wide beaches. Prices of beach properties in Bulgaria fell considerably in the last year making them an extremely attractive investment.

Some of the most sought locations on the sea for sale and rent include the resorts of Golden Sands, Sunny Beach, Sveti Vlas, St. Konstantin and Elena, the cities of Varna and Bourgas, etc.

Investing in an apartment, house, villa or a holiday home in a beach resort is one of the most lucrative deals at the moment as you can rent your property our during the high season and generate an income.


sunny beachSunny Beach is situated about 35 km north of the city of Bourgas and almost 90km south of the city of Varna. In Sunny Beach you can choose from a wide selection of activities and entertainment, including almost every sort of sport possible and lots of fun and games for children. The resort is the biggest one in Bulgaria and features more than 120 modern and comfortable hotels.

The beach strip is more than 8 km long and 60 m wide. The soft golden sand forms dunes, considered to be a unique natural phenomenon. Sunny Beach resort is awarded with the International Blue Flag, which guarantees that the tourists are granted ecologically clean beaches, water and air and more than 1700 sunny hours from May to October.





st vlasSt Vlas is magnificent resort is a great combination of beautiful seaside at the foot of the Balkan mountain range. The natural conditions - mountain, forest, sea and southern exposure of the mountain slopes, are extremely healthy and appropriate for a full relaxation. The beaches of Saint Vlas are 1.5km long and well maintained. The resort is in a good condition and here there are many modern attractions, aqua parks and outdoor swimming pools. Sveti Vlas is quiet and charming beach resort where you can spend a great summer vacation while being so close to the party venue, Sunny Beach. Saint Vlas is ideal choice for family-friendly vacations, relaxing experience, and, of course, some party emotions!





Elenite is a vacation complex, situated at the sea shore, on the southern slope of the easternmost Balkan Mountain. The resort is located in a beautiful bay in close proximity to Cape Emine, 4.5 kilometers from Sveti Vlas and 8.5 kilometers from Sunny Beach.


nessebarNessebar is located in the southeastern part of Bulgaria. The city is one of the most preferred tourism destinations, especially during the summer. The unique combination of ancient culture, rich historic heritage, the modern appearance of the new New town, the magnetism of the resort Nessebar and the ever vivacious life will leave in your mind a long-lasting and beautiful memory.

Nessebar is declared for an architectural and archaeological reserve in 1958 and UNESCO declared the beautiful beach resort for a monument of world cultural heritage. Some of the landmarks in Nessebar are basilica from 6th century, Turkish bath, windmill and parts of a fortress which encompassed the town.







obzorObzor is located on the foothills of the Balkan Mountain range. Owing to its long 10km beach line and wonderful conditions for beach tourism, Obzor has gained popularity as being one of Bulgaria’s top summer holiday destinations. Only 6km away from it is located the Byala village which was founded in the 3rd century B.C. Nowadays it combines a traditional village and a resort and thrives due to its wine industry. the town of Byala is a small traditional Bulgarian settlement. It is located between Varna and Burgas.







Still popular is the property in Varna, especially among those who plan all year living or renting. Varna - this is not only an important industrial, economic and cultural center of Bulgaria and its maritime and tourist capital. Varna - the second largest city in the country.


The resort of St. Constantine and Helen (the oldest in Bulgaria) also remains one of the favorite places of buyers - because of its proximity to Varna is suitable for year-round use, and thanks to the hot mineral springs health holidays are available throughout the year. The region is also among the leaders in the number of transactions - 14% of total sales on the coast.


Sozopol is located 34 km south of Bourgas on a slender rocky peninsula, Sozopol is one of the earliest towns on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. Its strategic position gave it the opportunity to dominate the ways to the coast of Black Sea Thrace and the Stranja Mountains, which were rich in raw materials, and gave it an active intermediary role in commerce among the Athenian sea unions, the Hellenistic states in the Mediterranean area and the Thracian formations. It took 11% of the total number of transactions of sales.


golden sandsGolden sands is located 17 km north of Varna. It deserves to be called “the pearl” of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast thanks to its unique park, the cool freshness of the woods, the vast stretch of fine golden sand. It combines uniquely calm and clean sea, rich vegetation in a park of 8 000 ha and curative mineral springs. The beach strip is 3,5 km long and up to 100 m wide.


Golden Sands offers excellent holiday conditions with lots of entertainment, sports and new encounters.







Our customers choose and other small towns near the sea, suitable for a relaxing holiday or residence. For example Balchik, Pomerania, Acheloi Primorsko, Burgas, Tsarevo, Kiten, Ravda, Chernomorets and other regions. But it is safe to say this: whatever you're looking for, no matter what the budget or planning to purchase Dream Home will suit you best regions and sites on the coast of Bulgaria!

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