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Healthcare and medical insurance in Bulgaria

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Healthcare and medical insurance in Bulgaria

healthcare and medical insurance in bulgariaMedical insurance is a very important issue, especially when it comes to a long-term or permanent stay in Bulgaria. All foreigners residing or staying in Bulgaria for a long term (over 3 months) should be advised that it is necessary to make a medical insurance in Bulgaria if they haven’t got one from their home country that covers medical risks in Bulgaria.


This means that they have 2 options – either to make a medical insurance in the home country, which should cover Bulgaria, or they can make insurance in Bulgaria. There are a number of global insurance companies which operate in Bulgaria and offer very good conditions for medical insurances.


It should be noted that for a short-term stay in Bulgaria another type of medical insurance can be made – very often this type of insurance is also covered by the bank if people pay for their trip abroad by credit card and it is not necessary to make an additional insurance – this can be checked with their banks or insurance brokers.















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