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Buying guide for properties in Portugal

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Buying guide for properties in Portugal

properties in portugalAdditional costs for purchasing properties in Portugal

As it is everywhere in Portugal too, the future owners of a new home should pay some additional fees and taxes related to the purchasing of a property. It is good, however, that the overall transaction costs for buying properties in Portugal are rather moderate. The seller pays part of the remuneration for the real estate agent, while the buyer covers all other expenditure, such as legal and registration fees, stamp duty, real estate transfer tax and their share of the agent’s fee.

Who can buy properties in Portugal?

If you are a foreigner and you chose Portugal for your second home, then you are lucky because you can buy any kind of property without restrictions. Besides, the process is also quite straightforward – you pick up your holiday villa or townhouse and then get a lawyer, who will take you through all steps. The final deed for your new home is signed before a notary and then registered under your name in the local registry.

Where could you buy your new property in Portugal?

Portugal is a lovely country that offers sunny beaches, which are considered one of the most beautiful in Europe. If you enjoy the sea and the sunny weather you can get a house or villa in the archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira and if you are a keen golfer, then the Algarve region is your top choice. You can also choose the region if you like to buy an investment property. If you have a more expensive and urban taste than the capital Lisbon has what to offer, as it has seen quite new developments recently. If you are more easy going and like the atmosphere of small fishing villages, you are lucky because Portugal’s Silver Coast has what to offer.

Is your property in Portugal?

You would like to buy a property abroad but you have not chosen the country yet? Maybe you shall consider Portugal – with its sunny climate, picturesque beaches and unique history it has a lot to offer. The real estate market is also quite vibrant and offers various possibilities, such as 2 or 3-bedroom villas, townhouses, beautiful apartments and even plots for business development. You just need to look through the numerous offers and pick up your dream home.

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Cascadas 2.1
from 44 046 €
to 71 275 €

Number of free properties 6 Floor area from 40.04 m2 to 64.8 m2 Release Date 31/12/2019

Last Updated: 3 days ago
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42.6883305 27.7139182 12
Bulgaria / Burgas / Elenite resort / ID 185863
Villa Astoria 6
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to 213 367 €

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Number of free properties 5 Floor area from 56.76 m2 to 237.79 m2

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42.87670135498 27.894199371338 16
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