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Plovdiv Home

Plovdiv homePlan for a Stay at Plovdiv? Own a Plovdiv Home of Your Choice

Are you bored with the crazy clamor of the city life and its monotony? Then you must plan for a trip to the ancient Plovdiv city. As one of the loveliest ancient cities of Europe, the romantic charm of the old world will soothe your anxious nervous. Why not look for your choicest Plovdiv home for a real estate investment where you can spend a vacation whenever you want to escape that busy urban life! It will be a worthy investment.

Find a Plovdiv Home to Feel the Charm of this Beautiful Ancient City

This ancient city is built around seven hills and located in Southern Bulgaria. Plovdiv has been rightly called the European Capital of Culture. Its history spans over eight thousand years. The cultural traces of numerous kingdoms and royal families of Bulgaria lie in its multiple layers of cultures. As you walk through the cobbled streets, you will feel nostalgic. The numerous monuments speak of its years’ old history like the ancient Plovdiv Roman theatre, Roman aqueduct, Roman Odeon, Roman Stadium, the archaeological complex Eirene etc. They have survived the ravages of time to speak of the majestic Bulgarian architecture and history.

At Home Plovdiv, get a Romantic Holiday in the City of Plovdiv

While ancient monuments stand in this city, the city has a new-world face too. You will find new offices and commercial buildings. The hypermarkets built on the outskirts of Plovidiv viz., Metro, Kaufland, Triumf, Billa, Mr. Bricolage, , Technopolis, and Technomarket Europa talk of Plovdiv’s urban gleam. The central street is the main shopping area with a hub of shops, cafés and restaurants. Several cafés, and craftsmen workshops are in the Old Town and the small streets in the centre.  Gracefully the old ruins of Plovdiv embrace the intoxicating night life of this city.

The Home Plovdiv can be a Good Option for Real Estate Investment

At Plovdiv, you can find residential accommodations at all rates. There’s a lot more in the residential flats and homes– cozy and spacious living rooms with fine-dining space, endearing kitchen with good fittings, and lovely balconies. All these settings will make you feel pampered.
Finding such a home of your choice in Plovdiv is no more difficult.  Get in touch with us and find your choice of accommodation at reasonable price.  Visit our website and check the list of homes in Plovdiv. Set up your mind on the apartment you want to buy. We will help you get your dream home here.
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Cascadas 2.1
from 44 231 €
to 69 741 €

Number of free properties 3 Floor area from 40.21 m2 to 63.4 m2 Release Date 31/05/2020

Last Updated: 10 days ago
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42.6883305 27.7139182 12
Bulgaria / Burgas / Sozopol city / ID 77394
Front Line Green life RESALES
from 52 128 €
to 85 448 €

Number of free properties 11 Floor area from 43.73 m2 to 67.73 m2

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Cascadas 21
from 42 856 €

Floor area from 38.96 m2 to 38.96 m2 Release Date 31/12/2019

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42.693 27.7132 15
Bulgaria / Burgas / Elenite resort / ID 185863
Villa Astoria 6
from 46 520 €
to 213 367 €

Number of free properties 15 Floor area from 29.1 m2 to 72.87 m2

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Bulgaria / Burgas / Sunny Beach / ID 3523997
 КАСКАДАС resales
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Argisht Partez
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to 373 395 €

Number of free properties 120 Floor area from 47.91 m2 to 248.93 m2

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43.292701721191 28.044900894165 18
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