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Variants of houses in Cambridge - in the prestigious university city of England

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Variants of houses in Cambridge - in the prestigious university city of England

Houses in CambridgeHouses in Cambridge - popular among teachers of Cambridge

Cambridge is a city that is known all over the world, thanks to the famous university. Most of the buildings and structures of the city retained a pristine appearance, despite the fact that they were built during the middle Ages. Life here revolves around the university and colleges, and most of the residents of the university are teachers and students. Teachers with families often choose houses in Cambridge for accommodation.

Prices of houses in Cambridge

Real estate in Cambridge is really expensive. This is due to the popularity of the city not only among the people of Great Britain but throughout the world. Therefore, property prices here are on par with London. The smallest house cost not less than 300,000 pounds. The average price for a house with three-four bedrooms is 400,000-500,000 pounds. University students rarely buy houses, mostly they rent real estate.

House in Cambridge for rent - advantageous offers

Sometimes the company of friends to save money on rent and at the same time to have the best living conditions rent out the whole house. In fact, there are not that many good offers for renting in the Cambridge real estate market. A deficit in the rental of real estate is observed at the beginning of the academic year. Renting a house with one room will cost from 600 pounds. A large house can be rented for 1500-3000 pounds. A large student house with 6-7 rooms can be rented for 3000-4000 pounds. Each room will have the necessary furniture and a work desk for studying.

Own a house in Cambridge for rent

Cambridge is a comfortable place for a family to live. In addition to the most prestigious educational institutions, there are schools with good education and training. Some better-off students can buy real estate here. Rarely students buy houses here. The house is more suitable for families with children. Buyers pay attention to the area of the house, the location in the city and the availability of a plot of land near the house when choosing a house. Own garden, in which children can play plays an important role. The people of Cambridge love this city and care about the architectural structures. New buildings are being built rarely. Therefore, the high price of such real estate remains. The best offers for buying and renting houses are available on our website
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