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Golden Sands Properties

Golden sands propertiesThe mesmerizing beauty of Golden Sands is bound to behold you. Golden Sands Properties is what you need.

Golden Sands is located 17 km north of historic city of Varna, on the coast of Black Sea. It is the most popular seaside resort of Bulgaria. The hilly steep wood pave their way to the golden sun kissed beaches. It is the first choice of any holiday plans. You can enjoy a quiet evening stroll to watch the sun dip in the Black sea or you could bask in the sunshine. Either ways, you will definitely enjoy at Golden Sands. But this can be your home if you purchase Golden Sands Properties.

The tourist chamber of Bulgaria offers Golden Sands Properties

The city of tourist, Golden Sands, is a major seaside resort where thousands of tourist turn up every year, from around the world like Poland, Russia, France, Romania, Germany and many more.  The city’s economy is soaring high from tourism sector. Owning Golden Sands Properties promises you financial benefits.

Spa experience amidst the nature at Property in Golden Sands

From the Franga Plateau, amongst the woods, flows down hot spring water, giving you that authentic feeling of a spa amidst the nature. You can purchase a luxurious spot for you to settle down permanently at property in Golden Sands. At Golden Sands you will find nature in abundance as the city pays emphasis on preserving the natural greenery.

Many attractions at Properties in Golden Sands

On seeing, the massive growth in the numbers of tourists each year, modern holiday complex were constructed to cater to their needs better. To facilitate the tourists, the modern holiday complex included spa centres, restaurants, clubs, casinos, attractions and shopping centres. The northern part of city is also known best for having a gay beach. Now you can be proud possessor of Properties in Golden Sands at a very realistic price. Recent years have seen a downslide of property rates making it more tempting for you to invest in properties in Golden Sands. You can find your desired homes on the website
TOP Properties
Bulgaria / Burgas / Burgas city / Zornitsa ID 1458371
Perla 8
from 45 958 €
to 197 178 €

Number of free properties 71 Floor area from 46.42 m2 to 196.71 m2

Last Updated: more than 2 weeks
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42.516 27.4667 17
Dream Residence
from 10 000 €
to 229 000 €

Number of free properties 8 Floor area from 31.77 m2 to 367.86 m2 Release Date 31/12/2018

Last Updated: 13 days ago
Image Map
42.651651221292 23.309314728831 16
Bulgaria / Varna / Byala city / ID 50921
Byala Sun Residence 7
from 45 408 €
to 175 504 €

Number of free properties 5 Floor area from 56.76 m2 to 237.79 m2

Last Updated: more than 2 weeks
Image Map Video Web Cam
42.87670135498 27.894199371338 16
Bulgaria / Varna / Byala city / ID 75072
Byala Sun Residence 9
from 50 300 €
to 82 660 €

Number of free properties 4 Floor area from 67.06 m2 to 126.16 m2 Release Date 15/08/2017

Last Updated: more than 2 weeks
Image Map Video Web Cam
42.876998901367 27.894899368286 15
Azur Varna Resort 1
from 10 500 €
to 16 000 €

Number of free properties 38 Floor area from 12.01 m2 to 26.1 m2 Release Date 30/06/2020

Last Updated: 12 days ago
Image Map
43.2316595 28.0101431 14
Bulgaria / Burgas / Sozopol city / ID 77394
Front Line Green life RESALES
from 52 128 €
to 85 448 €

Number of free properties 11 Floor area from 43.73 m2 to 67.73 m2

Last Updated: more than 2 weeks
Image Map
42.417301177979 27.696199417114 15
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