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It’s time for cheap property in Sunny Beach

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It’s time for cheap property in Sunny Beach

Cheap property in Sunny BeachIt exists. Cheap property in Sunny Beach

Imagine yourself lying in a deckchair, wearing sunglasses and sipping a cocktail. Do you like it? This is the image strongly connected with Sunny Beach, a lovely Bulgarian town. Add to it the endless coast, sea, parties, and all the other possible summer entertainments. The town abounds in restaurants, hotels, bars, and offers the high-quality recreational seaside services. Sunny Beach is not only the place for ninety hot days. It can become your home and, we must add, for a very reasonable price. Have doubts? Let read further about the cheap property in Sunny Beach.

Types of cheap property in Sunny Beach

Due to the ever-growing number of people wishing to stay in this spot, the realty market of this coastal town constantly upgrades and offers new comfortable lodgings. This means that apart from the hundreds of hotels, you can live in your flat or house. Are you fond of villas and townhouses or do you like residing in apartments? All your demands can be satisfied in this place and the price for pleasure is not very frightening. Thus, you can quite comfortably live in one- or two-bedroom apartments or buy a nice house with sea views. There are plenty of low-cost accommodations in this popular place.

Buy cheap properties in Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is not the very large place. That is why your chances to come across the affordable property increase when you look near it. Our proof is a studio flat for €7,500 near the town. On the other hand, Sunny Beach also boasts the nice choice of the similar lodgings. You can find a two-bedroom flat just for €24,500. Bedsits are also very affordable here as well as one-bedroom apartments. If you are looking for something bigger, we offer the list of inexpensive houses. For example, look at a two-storey house for €80,000 or a two-level penthouse lodging for €60,000. We also think that a townhouse for €93,500 or a villa for €135,000 belongs to the very attractive realty variants.

Choose cheap properties in Sunny Beach without delays

There are lots of online resources offering the services that allow people to purchase any accommodation type. So, why have you choose us? The answer is only one. We are reliable, experienced, and qualified. Our work approach is responsible and serious. There are, for instance, many variants of the cheap property in Sunny Beach gathered at our resource. You will find what you want in the blink of an eye on
TOP Properties
Carpe Vita 1-2-3-4-5
from 79 947 €
to 180 569 €

Number of free properties 89 Floor area from 70.03 m2 to 124.53 m2 Release Date 30/03/2015

Last Updated: more than 2 weeks
Image Video
0 0 0
Bulgaria / Burgas / Burgas city / Lazur ID 235154
Lazuren Brqg
from 19 500 €
to 409 749 €

Number of free properties 20 Floor area from 29.62 m2 to 217.35 m2 Release Date 01/06/2017

Last Updated: 20 days ago
Image Map
42.512001037598 27.470500946045 17
Bulgaria / Burgas / Elenite resort / ID 185855
Villa Astoria 5
from 48 639 €
to 52 046 €

Number of free properties 12 Floor area from 57.22 m2 to 61.23 m2

Last Updated: 3 days ago
Image Map Video
42.703399658203 27.808700561523 17
Argisht Palace
from 64 688 €
to 159 880 €

Number of free properties 8 Floor area from 49.76 m2 to 114.2 m2

Last Updated: more than 2 weeks
Image Map Video
43.2893 28.0447 15
Dream Residence 3
from 2 200 €
to 15 000 €

Number of free properties 4 Floor area from 4.21 m2 to 29.45 m2 Release Date 31/05/2020

Last Updated: 19 days ago
Image Map
42.65148379115 23.310528338623 17
Dream Residence
from 10 000 €
to 229 000 €

Number of free properties 8 Floor area from 31.77 m2 to 367.86 m2 Release Date 31/12/2018

Last Updated: 10 days ago
Image Map
42.651651221292 23.309314728831 16
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