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Burgas PropertiesNear the Burgas Lake is the Burgas Properties

At the westernmost coast of the Black Sea, lie Burgas city. You will find the second largest city of Bulgaria on the Black Sea Coast, Burgas, filled with vibrant colours of culture. The summer platform of performances is held on the Burgas Bay, with broad promenades. No wonder, Burgas is termed as the most popular destination of Europe.  This coastal land, Burgas is known for its Burgas Lake which is the largest lake in Bulgaria. It is the centre of attraction of Burgas. The Burgas Lake is enveloped by the city. Wouldn’t you like to own Burgas Properties beside the lake? I sure would!

Home of migrating birds is where you want to buy Burgas Properties

The lush flora and fauna are alluring invitation to migrating birds. Burgas has salt water lake called Atanasovo Lake which attracts wetland habitats to find a home here. Burgas has rich bio-diversity that gives shelter to many Red-Listed species of plants and animals. Bird watchers can find several species of endangered birds and animals. Rare white pelicans, dalmatian pelicans, marsh harriers and red-footed falcons have been seen in the Bargas wetland. If you are an animal lover, you must invest in Burgas Properties.

Pleasant Climate is here at Property in Burgas

At Burgas you will experience the beautiful weather of summer season for five long months with subtropical climate. The average temperature of summer is as high as 240C. The average temperature of winter in the inland part of the country is milder and goes as low as 40C.  When you decide to settle down at Property in Burgas, you will enjoy the best weather throughout the year.

The industrial centre of Burgas offer you the best Properties in Burgas

Apart from natural beauty, Burgas happens to be the industrial centre of Bulgaria. The Bulgarian economy is largely dependent upon its industrial enterprises and manufacturing plant. This guarantees plenty of employment opportunities for you at Burgas. So if you are looking for Properties in Burgas, you can find them on the website
TOP Properties
Bulgaria / Burgas / Sozopol city / ID 77394
Front Line Green life RESALES
from 52 128 €
to 85 448 €

Number of free properties 11 Floor area from 43.73 m2 to 67.73 m2

Last Updated: more than 2 weeks
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42.417301177979 27.696199417114 15
Dream Residence 3
from 2 200 €
to 15 000 €

Number of free properties 4 Floor area from 4.21 m2 to 29.45 m2 Release Date 31/05/2020

Last Updated: 19 days ago
Image Map
42.65148379115 23.310528338623 17
Bulgaria / Varna / Byala city / ID 75072
Byala Sun Residence 9
from 50 300 €
to 82 660 €

Number of free properties 4 Floor area from 67.06 m2 to 126.16 m2 Release Date 15/08/2017

Last Updated: more than 2 weeks
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42.876998901367 27.894899368286 15
Bulgaria / Varna / Byala city / ID 50921
Byala Sun Residence 7
from 45 408 €
to 175 504 €

Number of free properties 5 Floor area from 56.76 m2 to 237.79 m2

Last Updated: more than 2 weeks
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42.87670135498 27.894199371338 16
Argisht Partez
from 67 074 €
to 373 395 €

Number of free properties 120 Floor area from 47.91 m2 to 248.93 m2

Last Updated: more than 2 weeks
Image Map Video Web Cam
43.292701721191 28.044900894165 18
Bulgaria / Burgas / Elenite resort / ID 185855
Villa Astoria 5
from 48 639 €
to 52 046 €

Number of free properties 12 Floor area from 57.22 m2 to 61.23 m2

Last Updated: 3 days ago
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42.703399658203 27.808700561523 17
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