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Bulgarian Houses

Bulgarian HousesInexpensive Bulgarian houses

If you compare the real estate market in Bulgaria with the similar market of other countries, it turns out that apartments in Bulgaria are very inexpensive, and in no country is offered as much real estate as in Bulgaria. This is due to many reasons. First of all, with the fact that in the early 2000s the tourist flow to this country increased, and by all indications Bulgaria turned out to be a country exceptionally convenient for permanent or temporary residence.Looking at the low prices, having bathed in the clear sea with beautiful beaches, many people wanted to stay in Bulgaria for permanent residence or have the opportunity to spend several summer months in this wonderful country, having their own Bulgarian houses.

Bulgarian houses near the sea

Almost every second foreign investor dreams of buying housing in Bulgaria. It can be used both for own seasonal rest or residence, and for renting.Among the resort properties, you can find relatively new houses, which differ in cutting-edge construction standards and high quality of materials used. Such cities as Pomorie, Saint Vlas, Burgas, Kranevo, Obzor, Balchik, Albena, etc. are considered as good options for buying holiday properties. Purchase of a house there will give you the opportunity to fully enjoy your holiday in this amazing country.

Bulgarian house: country house

Country houses here are built mostly of brick, less often - of stone. Virtually every house has running water and a toilet. Conditionally they can be divided into 3 categories:
• Old buildings with varying degrees of preservation;
• Updated houses;
• Newly built houses.
The first option will cost less, but may require additional investment. Whichever type of house you choose, be sure to assess the condition of the roof, communications and floor. Buying a house in rural areas is equally suitable for pensioners and families with children and middle-aged couples, who are seeking for calmer atmosphere.

Bulgarian house in elite villages

Bulgarian elite settlements most often represent small groups of new beautiful cottages located in a protected area. They are distinguished by a well-groomed territory, comfortable lay-out and the presence of a swimming pool. Similar real estate is more expensive than ordinary rural properties in Bulgaria.Prices for houses largely depend on the location of the village. If you are willing to have your own housing in Bulgaria, check the following link:
TOP Properties
Bulgaria / Burgas / Sozopol city / ID 77394
Front Line Green life RESALES
from 52 128 €
to 85 448 €

Number of free properties 11 Floor area from 43.73 m2 to 67.73 m2

Last Updated: more than 2 weeks
Image Map
42.417301177979 27.696199417114 15
Bulgaria / Varna / Byala city / ID 75072
Byala Sun Residence 9
from 50 300 €
to 82 660 €

Number of free properties 4 Floor area from 67.06 m2 to 126.16 m2 Release Date 15/08/2017

Last Updated: more than 2 weeks
Image Map Video Web Cam
42.876998901367 27.894899368286 15
Bulgaria / Varna / Byala city / ID 74716
Byala Sun Residence 8
from 28 400 €
to 99 260 €

Floor area from 37.87 m2 to 124.08 m2 Release Date 30/06/2017

Last Updated: more than 2 weeks
Image Map Video Web Cam
42.877101898193 27.894399642944 16
Bulgaria / Varna / Byala city / ID 50921
Byala Sun Residence 7
from 45 408 €
to 175 504 €

Number of free properties 5 Floor area from 56.76 m2 to 237.79 m2

Last Updated: more than 2 weeks
Image Map Video Web Cam
42.87670135498 27.894199371338 16
Argisht Partez
from 67 074 €
to 373 395 €

Number of free properties 120 Floor area from 47.91 m2 to 248.93 m2

Last Updated: more than 2 weeks
Image Map Video Web Cam
43.292701721191 28.044900894165 18
Carpe Vita 1-2-3-4-5
from 79 947 €
to 180 569 €

Number of free properties 89 Floor area from 70.03 m2 to 124.53 m2 Release Date 30/03/2015

Last Updated: more than 2 weeks
Image Video
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