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Enjoy the Beauty of Borovets - Borovets Apartments are set for a Great Holiday

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Enjoy the Beauty of Borovets - Borovets Apartments are set for a Great Holiday

Borovets apartmentsHave a Great Vacation at Borovets apartments- Best Place to stay at This Amazing Hill Resort

Would you like to have a perfect holiday in a Bulgarian Hill Resort?  Amidst the amazing Alpine landscape Borovets can be the right choice for a peaceful off from the crazy hustle of urban life. Borovets, which was known as Chamkoria till the last century, is 73 km from the Bulgarian country capital Sofia. Nevertheless, the place is well connected with the major cities of the country. So, staying at Borovets apartments will not keep you absolutely isolated but you will enjoy the township for its calm surrounding.

Look for the Borovets Apartments to enjoy its rustic beauty

Being the oldest Bulgarian winter resort on the northern Rila Mountains, Borovets’ history dates back to the end of the 19th Century when it was established as a hunting place for the Bulgarian emperors. In course of time it emerged as a attractive ski resort drawing hundreds of tourists. Hotels, restaurants, bars and a network of ski runs and lifts have added a new look to this place. Many old villas and houses stand till today which speak of its haunting rustic charm.

Don’t miss the Chances to Visit This Town While Having a Great Stay at Apartment, Borovets

Known for its huge number of visitors for winter sports, Borovets holds its own sweet charm of the old world. If winters are not suitable for a long stay, come in summers. Enjoy the ride on horseback across the forests and mountains in the mild climate. For bikers it is an awesome setting for a breezy ride. Borovets has in its hamper something special for everyone. Why not plan for a stay? It would be a great idea!

Buy Apartments Borovets Will Make You Fall for a Long Stay

So are you ready for a Bulgarian vacation at Borovets? With well designed cozy rooms at a beautiful hilly terrain will be a treat to your eyes. The spacious apartments are all well equipped and clean. You will love the amazing rustic look, warm interiors and endearing kitchen. Finding apartments at Borovets is no more difficult.   Visit our website and check the list of apartments available as per your choice and budget. If you are finding trouble, we will help you get your dream apartment here
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