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Enjoy Your Stay at Nessebar- For a Smashing Holiday, Look for Apartments for Sale Nessebar

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Enjoy Your Stay at Nessebar- For a Smashing Holiday, Look for Apartments for Sale Nessebar

Apartments for sale NessebarFor a Great Stay at Nessebar, Buy Apartments for Sale Nessebar

Often called the "Pearl of the Black Sea", Nessebar is an ancient city and one of the major marine resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. It stands out with a number of museums that speak of its ever-changing history spanning for over three millennia. It is listed as UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites due to the city's abundance of historic buildings. An awesome location for an awesome vacation! So don’t wait for long – Let’s find the apartments for sale, Nessebar! It will be a worthy investment.

Apartments for Sale in Nessebar - Where You Can Enjoy Holiday at This Ancient City

Enjoy a pleasure ride at the largest beach, Sunny Beach, which lies to the north of Nessebar. The city is renowned for its architectural masterpieces amidst the beauty of nature. The historical monuments and the ancient buildings reveal the fact that Nessebar has witnessed many civilizations over the centuries. You can take a light walk in the old city and find narrow lanes paved with cobbled bricks, small squares, double-storeyed houses having stony ground floors, and wooden upper floors overlooking the streets.

Live the Charm of Nessebar at an Apartment for Sale Nessebar

Located 36 km northeast of Burgas, the modern part of Nessebar is connected by a narrow man-made isthmus with the ancient part of the city.  You can find few family hotels and a lot of private rooms in the old part of the city. The new part holds various opportunities for accommodation ranging from hotels, private apartments, guest houses, hotel complexes. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the charm of the old city and the glamour of the new at one place.

An Apartment for sale Nessebar is Ideal for Real Estate Investment

You can find properties in the busy central area with shops, restaurants and nightlife in the close vicinity. The fully-furnished self-catering apartments are located in a residential building, 300m from the beach in Nessebar. Featuring a fully-equipped open kitchen and a balcony it stands as an awesome accommodation for you. Just as you plan for an investment in Nessebar, choose an apartment which lies within your budget.
Finding such a place of your choice is no more difficult.  We will be happy to help you find your choice at affordable price.  Visit our website and check the list of apartments in Nessebar. Know more about the property related information and plan which apartment you want to buy. We will help you get your dream apartment here.
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Cascadas 21
from 42 856 €

Floor area from 38.96 m2 to 38.96 m2 Release Date 31/12/2019

Last Updated: more than 2 weeks
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42.693 27.7132 15
Bulgaria / Varna / Byala city / ID 75072
Byala Sun Residence 9
from 50 300 €
to 82 660 €

Number of free properties 4 Floor area from 67.06 m2 to 126.16 m2 Release Date 15/08/2017

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42.876998901367 27.894899368286 15
Bulgaria / Varna / Byala city / ID 50921
Byala Sun Residence 7
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Number of free properties 5 Floor area from 56.76 m2 to 237.79 m2

Last Updated: more than 2 weeks
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42.87670135498 27.894199371338 16
Dream Residence
from 10 000 €
to 229 000 €

Number of free properties 8 Floor area from 31.77 m2 to 367.86 m2 Release Date 31/12/2018

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Dream Residence 3
from 2 200 €
to 15 000 €

Number of free properties 4 Floor area from 4.21 m2 to 29.45 m2 Release Date 31/05/2020

Last Updated: 22 days ago
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42.65148379115 23.310528338623 17
Cascadas 2.1
from 44 231 €
to 69 741 €

Number of free properties 3 Floor area from 40.21 m2 to 63.4 m2 Release Date 31/05/2020

Last Updated: 13 days ago
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42.6883305 27.7139182 12
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