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Accommodation Sunny Beach

accommodation sunny beachThings you need to know about the resort before getting accommodation Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is the largest and perhaps the most famous resort of the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria (not counting the large port cities of Varna and Burgas). Every year tens of thousands of tourists come to the beaches of Sunny Beach, while many of them do not even book a hotel or rent an apartment. The fact is that it is easier to buy an apartment on warm shores of the Black Sea for the sake of vacation in a favorite place, and prices allow it to be done for almost everyone. If you are willing to live in this wonderful resort, you should definitely think about getting your own accommodation Sunny Beach.

Top reasons why you should get accommodation Sunny Beach

The town of Sunny Beach is next to Nessebar and only half an hour's drive from Burgas. You do not need to fly to Thailand or Egypt: a quick flight, then a taxi or a bus, and you are in paradise! This is practically Bulgarian Florida: endless beaches, modern bright buildings with apartments, luxury hotels, all the necessary shops, as well as vacationers from all over the world, who enjoy these goods. The largest resort of the country, whose beaches are marked by the international quality mark "Blue Flag" is an ideal place to restore strength and recharge your mood for a long time.

Price ranges for accommodation in Sunny Beach

Apartments on the third line (600 m from the sea) are sold at a price of 10 500 Euros, while furnished apartments of economy class on the first line are 2-2.5 times more expensive. So, the studio with an area of 32 square meters in a residential complex with a swimming pool, located 600 meters from the sea, is offered for 12 300 Euros. Apartment with 2 bedrooms in 5 minutes walk from the beach will cost 30 000 - 40 000 Euros. The cost of apartments in the elite real estate sector can reach up to 200 000 Euros.

Rental profitability from accommodation in Sunny Beach

Rental profitability of the real estate in Sunny Beach depends on the development of infrastructure in the area, distance from the sea, furniture, area and quality of housing. On average, an apartment with one bedroom per season can bring € 25-40 per day. The similar object in a long-term lease will bring about € 250 per month. If you are willing to get your own accommodation in Sunny Beach, check the following link:
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42.693 27.7132 15
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